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Raingutter Regatta Info

posted Nov 13, 2018, 4:02 AM by Andreas Maier
1. The rain gutter regatta boat kits were handed out during den meetings after the October pack meeting. Please let your den leader know if you don't have one yet. We also have a few boats for sail to siblings for $6 each. If interested, please pay by check (this makes financial tracking much simpler).

2. Boat Specifications: 
Quick version: Build the boat in the standard way, shape the hulls a little, paint the boat and hulls so they are more water sealed, and glue the sail to the mast.
     a. Boats must be made from the official BSA Raingutter Regatta Trimaran Boat Kit. All parts (2 outriggers, polymer hull, mast, sail and 4 screws) provided in the kit must be used in the boat construction. (NO substitutions are allowed!)
     b. Outriggers/Hull: The Outriggers must be no longer than 7" or shorter than 6 ½". The finished boat must be 3-1/4" wide, which is the dimension of the molded hull.
·   c. You can shape the outriggers to make them more cut through he water more easily.
     d. One outrigger may not be placed ahead of the other. The mast may not be higher than 7” from the deck, nor shorter than 6” from the deck.
     e. Basically, the Trimaran Boat should look like a Trimaran Boat displayed on the box. The boat requires no keel or rudder and none may be added.
     f. Sail: Must use the sail provided in the kit. It may be trimmed, but cannot be enlarged or added to, but may be decorated. The sail may only be attached to the mast by glue (this is HIGHLY recommended), no mechanical fasteners will be allowed. The sail may not be in contact with any part of the boat except the mast. The sail also cannot be glued or attached to itself. 
     g. The mast hole is molded into the top of the plastic hull and is the only placement allowed for the mast. No deviations will be allowed and no modifications to the hole are allowed. The mast MUST BE perpendicular (90 degrees) to the hull, angling the mast in any direction is not allowed.
     h. Decorations may not be placed in such a manner as to change the boat dimensions as listed above. It is HIGHLY recommended that the boat be painted or at the very least seal the outriggers to prevent them from retaining water. Make sure to paint the boat at least a day before the race so it has time to thoroughly dry. 
     i. Once the race begins, the boat may not be altered, including applying any materials to the bottom of the boat.

3. Race Rules
    a. Scouts can test out their boats in the rain gutters starting at 6:30. It is recommended to practice  2-3 times max so the hulls don't become water logged.
    b. Each den races in a double elimination format. If there is interest, the top 3 finishers in each den go on to the pack-wide competition. After the official races, the raingutters at the back of the room will be kept open to allow the scouts to race their friends and siblings while the pack championship races are going on up front.
    c. The scouts propel the boats by blowing. Scouts should not touch the boat with their hand, hat, or head at any time. Our Pack does not use straws for blowing.
    d. If the boat tips over or gets stuck on the side, an adult will quickly right and align it.