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Raingutter Regatta Kits

posted Oct 15, 2018, 12:58 PM by Andreas Maier
* Next month's pack meeting is the Raingutter Regatta!
* Kits will be distributed to DEN LEADERS at the pack meeting on Mon. 10/15, and they will hand them out at den meetings the following week.
* We have a few extras in case there are siblings who'd like to race as well. These kits are available at a cost of $6 each (they are $5.99+tax at the scout store).
* The kits need to be sanded, put together, and painted/decorated before the day of the Raingutter Regatta. It is a fairly quick project; the most important part is remembering to glue or rubber cement the mast and sail together to prevent the sail from spinning around on the mast when the racer blows into it.
* At this pack meeting, scouts may opt to wear pirate garb from the neck up. eye patches, bandanas, pirate hats, etc. are all fun ideas for this event; remember that regular cub scout uniform shirts and neckerchiefs are expected as usual.