Things To Know

Purpose of Scouting:

  • The purpose of Cub Scouts is to help boys and girls grow up to be the best people they can be, and to prepare them for Scouts BSA (if they wish to continue).

  • Cub Scouts is fun - but it is also a learning experience. Boys and girls learn to get along with each other, to work towards goals, and to overcome setbacks.


The safety of the scouts is our highest priority. That goes for campouts, den meetings, and other events.

We strictly follow the guidelines for adult-child interactions specified by Scouts BSA, including two deep leadership. We encourage any parent to raise any concerns with us at any time.

Family Pack:

Pack 928 is a family pack. That means:

  • Every family member is welcome at any Pack event.

  • All of our overnight trips (campouts, Chincoteague) are family trips. If a boy or girl attends, he orshe must do so with a parent or guardian.

  • Parents must be with their children at Den and Pack meetings - it is not a drop-off service.

  • Many achievements require families to work together -- parents should complete the activity in a timely manner and report the accomplishment to the den leader.


Pack 928 is a robust, energetic Pack. That is entirely due to the participation of parents. As a condition of membership, we ask all parents to coordinate and help out with events -- by signing up for at least one job in the Scout year. Please remember that your participation directly affects the experience of all boys.


We take seriously the learning element of Scouting. Part of the learning that goes on relates to behavior:

  • We don't tolerate name calling, cruelty in any form, disrespect of other scouts or adults. When we see it, we address it.

  • We expect all parents and adults to play a role both in modeling good behavior and also in expecting good behavior.

Pack Meetings:

Pack meetings are the main forum where we come together as a whole. They are a chance to learn, to have fun, and to recognize progress. Please remember that, as with all events, we are trying to model good behavior:

  • Pack meetings start and end on time unless previously indicated. (For instance, Pinewood Derby starts early because it takes a long time.) Please be on time if possible.

  • Please be on good behavior at Pack meetings! There is often more side-talking from parents than there is from the boys!

  • Please have your scout sit with the other scouts -- parents can sit toward the back, so the focus is on the boys.

  • Please have your scout wear their uniform properly -- which includes tucking in the shirt and wearing the hat with the brim straight ahead.


Cub Scouts should be available to all. If finances or schedule are standing in the way of your family participating, please let us know privately.